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Why we need rituals not routines

Taking care of our skin and body goes far beyond products and treatments. No matter how meticulously you plan out your skincare routine, adopting a ritual is always better. If you’re asking yourself, what’s the difference between rituals and routines, I’ll get to that. Read on to find out more. 

The difference between a ritual and a routine is not necessarily the action, but the attitude that goes alongside. For skincare, while you may be using the same products for a ritual as you would a routine, the results can be very different. 

More often than not, a routine becomes a chore very quickly. For example, we wake up every morning and get dressed, brush our teeth and apply our skincare essentials. It’s not a meaningful part of our day, but we do it anyway. Because of this, it becomes a chore. 

Rituals are the opposite. Rituals are much more meaningful practice, which allows us to take out of our day. Often, a ritual gives a real sense of purpose, making it perfect for skin care. 

Skincare rituals.

As I’ve said before, having great skin doesn’t just happen overnight. It also doesn’t happen purely as a result of using the same products religiously. While they certainly work, we should carve out the time to adopt a ritual. 

Our environment plays a huge part when it comes to our skin and overall health. From stress and lack of sleep to our diet, there are many factors we need to consider. Sometimes, taking just 10 minutes out of every day to spend on ourselves and our skin can work wonders. 

Creating your ritual. 

While finding out what works for your skin and your mind is a very personal process, I’m on hand with some tips to consider when you’re crafting your very own ritual. Remember, this isn’t just about the products you’re using, but the environment you’re using them in, and the time you’re taking for yourself. 

  • Set the mood: if your life is pretty hectic or your household is full of energy, take some time for you. Go into a quiet room, dim the lights, light a candle and play some of your favourite music to finish the day. Or, to start the day, choose an uplifting track and natural sunlight. 
  • Don’t forget to breathe: before you start applying your skincare products, take three deep breaths and allow yourself to relax. 
  • Be mindful of the way you apply your products: when you’re adopting a ritual over a routine, you should be aware of everything you do, especially the way you use your products. 
  • Take a couple of minutes once you’re finished applying: once you’re done, take some deeper breathes and take a moment to meditate before you step back into the real world. 

Remember to incorporate tips and products that you’ve learnt from your skin care specialist. If you’re not sure which products are good for your skin, I can advise you. For skincare rituals to truly work, you should have a good understanding of your skin conditions and the products you need to combat them. Once you’ve enjoyed a course of treatments with me, you’ll walk away confident enough to continue your rituals in the comfort of your own home. After all, we deserve to show ourselves some love every day.  

Got a skin dilemma? Get in touch and we can work on a specialist treatment plan that will offer you all the information and products you need to treat it in my clinic and at home. Here’s to great skin! 

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