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Treating Rosacea

As promised, I’ll be sharing how to treat rosacea; if you haven’t read my previous blog looking into precisely what rosacea is, I would recommend taking a look at it to discover more about the condition. If you’re here because you’re keen to learn how to prevent and treat rosacea, read on. 

What Is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a long-term skin condition characterised by flushed, bumpy, red skin caused by unstable blood vessels in the skin. Other symptoms can include skin sensitivity, dryness and enlarged pores; however, while rosacea is typically a harmless skin condition, you may feel that you’d still like to treat it. 

Can You Get Rid Of Rosacea?

Unfortunately, rosacea is not a condition that you can simply get rid of; you can instead only focus on preventing flare-ups of the condition. Once you’ve discovered your rosacea triggers, you’ll be able to take action that should almost eliminate your flare-ups.

If you are finding your rosacea challenging to manage, you should seek professional advice; your doctor may be able to offer topical treatments, antibiotics or intense pulsed light treatment to control your symptoms.

How To Prevent Rosacea

There are several steps that you can take if you’ve decided you want to prevent rosacea flare-ups. Triggers can very much depend on the person, so if you happen to have an outbreak, you should take a look at what you think could have caused it; here, I have listed some of the most common causes of rosacea flare-ups to help you get started.

  • Firstly, I would recommend taking a look at your diet; caffeine, spicy food and alcohol are all trigger factors for rosacea as they cause increased circulation on the skin. Hot drinks can also act as a trigger as the heat from the drink causes your blood vessels to expand, causing flushing and redness in your skin.
  • While exercise is usually beneficial for the health of your skin, aerobic exercise can also act as a trigger for rosacea. As your heart rate increases, your circulation also increases, which causes blood to rush to the surface of the skin. Therefore, if you don’t want to risk a flare-up, it’s best to avoid high-intensity exercise. Instead, it is recommended that rosacea sufferers choose lower-intensity activities such as brisk walking or swimming.
  • Protecting your skin from the sun is even more important for anyone with rosacea, as UV exposure can cause inflammation, which exacerbates the condition. By using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30, not only will you be able to avoid a rosacea flare-up, but you’ll also be avoiding sun damage which can lead to early ageing.


If you’re suffering from rosacea and are searching for ways to treat it, you can book one of my free virtual consultations. Before the consultation, I’ll ask you a set of questions about your skin, allowing me to recommend a skincare routine and treatments based on your needs. We will then review your skin’s progress and adapt accordingly.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch, and we can start your journey to healthy, happy skin!

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