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Three skincare essentials we should always have to hand

With so many products filling the shelves, it can be challenging to know which products we genuinely need to achieve great skin. From the latest innovations to ancient techniques that have been around for years, there are endless options to take your pick from. In my latest post, I’m sharing three essentials that we should most definitely be incorporating into our skincare regime. While this can vary depending on your skincare needs, in most cases, adding these three products will offer excellent results. Of course, if you’re in search of a more bespoke approach to skincare, you can book an appointment with me to get exactly that. 

A physical SPF 

While a lot of products include SPF protection, in our foundations and creams, you should be using a standalone SPF product. When you’re applying products to your skin with SPF in it, you shouldn’t presume that your skin is sufficiently protected from damaging UV rays. Standalone SPF products offer protection from UVB rays, whereas most cosmetics fight off UVA rays. If you’re going to be in the sun, you really should protect yourself from both. 

Choose a natural SPF product that includes zinc and titanium dioxide. These ingredients offer amazing qualities that go far beyond protecting your skin. From hydrating to repairing skin cells, it ticks a lot of boxes. If you’re concerned that applying an SPF product that will leave your skin looking greasy or clog your pores, opt for a lightweight option that is at least factor 40. 

You should also know that while UVB refers to burning, UVA stands for ageing. Harmful UVA rays are all around us. From TV and computer screens to light bulbs and natural light, UVA can affect us more than you might think! Don’t risk it, stay protected with SPF always. 

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C, which is also referred to as ascorbic acid is a powerhouse when it comes to skincare and stimulating the production of collagen. Vitamin C serums, creams and supplements are so popular because they actually work! Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that offers an abundance of benefits. Vitamin C’s impressive benefits aren’t limited merely to its antioxidant status. It also provides plenty of skin-healing properties that make it a worthwhile investment all year round. Vitamin C is also great to promote healthy and plump looking skin, prevent ageing, and give us a natural glow. 

Vitamin C isn’t just great for our skin, but our bones too. As it stimulates collagen in our joints and bones, it helps to combat the signs of ageing as it prevents us from losing our bone density, which causes our skin to drop. 

With so many products to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice! I’d recommend opting for a natural product such as a mist, exfoliator or moisturiser so that you can easily incorporate it into your regime. 

Hydrating base product 

Hydration for our skin comes in many different forms. From natural products offering plenty of hydration such as aloe vera to chemically developed options, there are so many products that promise hydration. The secret here is finding what works for you. Whether you use a gel, a cream or a solution, incorporating a product/products with hydrating qualities is essential. If you want your skin to stay supple and hydrated, you should be applying a product containing low molecular weight hyaluronic ingredients every single day, or even twice if recommended.

If you’re a fan of natural hydration, aloe vera taken from local plants is one of my skincare secrets when I’m travelling. It works wonders! 

While it can be tempting to stockpile skincare products that work for you, you shouldn’t. The products, nutrients and treatment our skin requires changes with our environment. Whether it’s seasons, country or skincare dilemmas, it’s all about finding the correct products to suit your needs. However, SPF, Vitamin C and a hydrating product are suitable for year-round use. 

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