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The Power of Plants

I’m a real advocate of harnessing the power of plants when it comes to skincare. While sometimes our skin requires a scientific approach, plants also play a part in our journey to great skin, hence why you’ll find plant-based ingredients in so many skincare products. By incorporating plants into our skincare ritual, we can experience natural beauty at its best. Read on to find out how. 

Why plant-based products work

Throughout history, plants have been used in skincare, medicines and home remedies. Whether it’s an ancient tradition or newly discovered power plant, it’s safe to say they have healing properties. From using aloe vera to soothe sunburned skin to foxglove as a cardiac muscle stimulant, plants offer plenty of benefits. 

Many cultures consider plants to be sacred and with good reason. Plant-based products are packed full of active molecules that deliver the vitamins, nutrition and protection our skin needs. While the purpose of these nutrients is to fuel the life of a plant, we can take advantage of the powerful ingredients to benefit our skin. 

Plant-based skincare over the years

In terms of skincare, we’re just beginning to discover the vast health benefits of our little green friends. While modern-day innovations are harnessing the power of plants, plant-based cosmetics have been around for thousands of years. 

The ancient Egyptians used a variety of minerals and oils such as castor oil and moringa oil, both of which are still much-loved today. They also used aloe vera to cleanse their skin, and of course, wore the famous kohl eyeliner. 

Plant-based goodness was also appreciated by the Greeks who used crushed mulberries as cheek and lip stains and olive oils as full-body moisturisers. India also has a long history of harnessing the power of plants, from Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old form of medicine, to using turmeric, sesame oil and sandalwood in their skincare rituals. 

The benefits of plant-based ingredients 

With each plant possessing unique benefits, natural products can be used to treat a whole variety of skincare concerns, from calming redness and visibly brightening skin to boosting antioxidants and exfoliating; plants allow us to be creative. 

One of the key benefits of using plants in our skincare routine is that our body automatically knows how to process them. With that follows visible results, such as achieving glowing skin, topping up natural antioxidants, and boosting the vitamins we need.  

Furthermore, plant-based products tend to be more gentle on our skin, offering a non-invasive approach to skincare. With that said, when you’re experimenting with any plant-based product, you should also patch-test first – even when something is all-natural, it might not agree with you. 

Powerful plants for skincare  

  • Sunflower: Packed full of fatty acids and Vitamin E, sunflower seed oil can be used to treat a wide range of skincare concerns such as rashes, acne and dry skin. 
  • Camelina: When crafted into a serum or cleanser, camellia oil works as an intense emollient, often used to soothe irritation for eczema and psoriasis sufferers. 
  • Aloe vera: The clear gel found in the leaves of the aloe vera plant is excellent for treating bites, burns and wounds. It’s also much-loved for its anti-ageing properties thanks to the Vitamin A, C and E it contains. 
  • Witch Hazel: this potent extract is often used for reducing the appearance of under-eye circles, as well as puffiness and discolouration. 
  • Mint: although it’s often overlooked, mint is known for its acne-fighting powers, which is why you might find it in products with salicylic acid. 
  • Rose: in liquid form, rose water helps to maintain our skin’s PH balance, aids healing and helps to hydrate, moisturise and revitalise.
  • Calendula: this mighty plant is excellent for healing redness, sunburn and acne as well as stimulating collagen and conditioning our skin.

Which plants do you use in your skincare ritual? Let me know on my Instagram here. Here’s to the power of plants! 

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