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The importance of skincare consultations

If you know me, you’ll see that I’m a massive advocate for smart beauty. Smart beauty starts with understanding your skin and its needs. Unfortunately, this isn’t everyone’s approach to skincare and beauty. In this blog, I’m focusing on the importance of skincare consultations and how they benefit you. 

Skincare consultations with ID Aesthetics 

I’m a big believer that prevention is better than cure, particularly with skincare. So, while you may think skincare consultations are purely for clients who have a particular concern or issue, they’re not. My in-person or online consultations are created to suit everyone. Whether you’re male or female, 16 or 60, I want to help you. 

The purpose of a skincare consultation 

A skincare consultation allows me to get to know your skin better. By doing so, I can identify any conditions or patterns unique to you, deep-diving into your skin’s exact needs. 

For optimum efficiency, I’ll ask you to fill in a questionnaire before our consultation. The questionnaire will allow me to understand how you feel about your skin’s appearance and get to know your skincare goals. By doing so, I can tailor a personalised treatment for you, considering any concerns or conditions you have. No two people are the same, and the same goes for my tailored treatments. 

If you choose to go ahead with the treatment plan, I’ll be with you every step of the way. After you’ve had a course of treatments, we’ll catch up again to ensure you’re getting the best possible results. Remember, achieving great skin doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a process. 

Why skincare consultations are so important 

Skincare is complex; understanding what your skin needs isn’t straightforward. My skincare journey started over 15 years ago, so I have a wealth of knowledge regarding skincare and its science. In addition to that, I’m constantly learning. I make it my mission to understand skincare and new developments to bring my clients the very best products and treatments. 

Skincare is so much more than a trending product or fad. Take acids, for example; you can purchase various acids for your skin and apply them in the comfort of your own home. To me, that’s a problem. Many people will mix several acids without truly understanding acids and what they do for your skin. Unless you’re a skincare professional or understand basic chemistry, you should be avoiding this at all costs. 

If you want noticeable and safe results, you should always consult a professional. I’m on hand to reassure my clients and support them on their journey to better skin. That’s why I offer a free consultation before treatment. If you’re ready to harness the power of your skin and achieve your goals, get in touch

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. As always, In the meantime, I share my top tips and advice on my Instagram. Until next time, Inga D. 

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