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Skincare secrets: summer shopping list

When thinking about your skincare rituals, have you considered how your diet fits in? Although no one food will give you fabulous skin overnight, a balanced diet rich with skin-boosting vitamins, minerals, raw oils and natural proteins can help you maintain a healthy glow. 

Summer brings a bounty of foods that are good for us, inside and out, so this is a great time of year to start eating for better skin. To give you some inspiration and guidance, I’ve put together this summer shopping list of seasonal, skin-friendly foods. You may be surprised how easy they are to come by in a regular supermarket shop, with no need for trips to special health stores. 

The foods we should eat during Spring for glowing skin


We’ve all heard about carrots helping you see in the dark, but I want to shout about how amazing they are for your skin. The humble vegetable is actually bursting with goodness. Known for their vitamin C, they’re also rich in potassium, both of which keep skin nourished. 

The beta carotene in carrots is another treat for the skin. It gets converted into vitamin A, which maintains firmness, protects you from sun damage and can give you a healthy glow. Just don’t go overboard as the rumours that skin can take on an orange-yellow tinge are true!

Green beans 

From orange to green on the vegetable colour palette, there’s definitely truth in that advice to ‘eat a rainbow’. Green beans are another underrated summer vegetable that will help you to happy skin. Like carrots, they also happen to be packed with vitamin C, which will keep your collagen production up and wrinkles away. 

Oily fish 

Oily fish is a staple in diets touted as the healthiest in the world, such as Mediterranean and Japanese. A sure sign it’s got some superfood properties! It’s mainly the abundance of omega-3 fatty acids we have to thank for the many health benefits, which include working wonders on your skin. They help you retain moisture and stay looking supple. In the UK, salmon and mackerel are two common oily fish you can shop for. 


A slice of watermelon on a sunny day can do more than just help you feel refreshed, as the lycopene and beta-carotene are said to help protect your skin from sunburn. Then there’s all the vitamin A it contains, which saves you from dry, flaky skin by repairing skin cells. It’s also said that eating the rind is good for you, your skin included – but I can’t say I’ve sampled it myself! 

Coconut milk

If dairy triggers breakouts for you, allow me to introduce a potential skin saviour: coconut milk. It tops the good-for-skin charts when it comes to plant-based milk. As well as containing high-quality fats known to keep inflammation at bay, this stuff is filled with skin-clearing nutrients like potassium, magnesium and selenium. I highly recommend making the swap from cow’s milk if you’re acne-prone, just make sure you pick up an unsweetened version.

I hope you feel excited to try out these ingredients and see some of the benefits. For more advice on the link between a healthy diet and healthy skin, take a look through my previous blog posts.

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