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Meet Inga D

I thought the new year made an excellent time to introduce myself to those of you who don’t know me. Consider this a reintroduction to what I do and what I’m all about for those who do. 

I’m Inga D, a skin health consultant on a mission to guide my clients on their journey to better skin, health and wellbeing. With over a decade of experience, I know that no two clients are the same, and skincare specialists should respect that. I’ll work with you to discover your skin’s unique needs before crafting a bespoke plan that targets existing conditions while showing you how to manage your skin’s ageing process. 

There is no one size fits all treatment here at ID Aesthetics. 

My early years

I was born with topical dermatitis and eczema, I have severe allergic reactions to many ingredients and was even sensitive to human touch at one point. Over the years, doctors prescribed hormonal therapies and medicines with no visible results. After years of frustration and disappointment, I decided to take my skin’s health back into my own hands. 

As I longed for effective treatments that would work for me, my journey to better skin health and wellbeing started over 15 years ago. As I educated myself about my skin, I took a holistic approach paired with formal qualifications such as my degree in Health and Social Care and a whole host of CPD-accredited qualifications. 

Today, I offer my clients complete package treatments and care supported by both comprehensive knowledge and over a decade of hands-on expertise. 

I understand how important your skincare journey is, and I’m here to bring you the peace of mind and results you’re in search of. 

My approach to skincare in 2021

Skincare never stops changing and, neither do I. New year, new goals, new approaches. 

Skincare is a story that is continuously unfolding. With new products and treatments coming out year on year, I must keep up with the latest developments in skincare science so I can bring you the most effective treatments possible. 

Skincare science isn’t just my business, but also a passion. So, when you book in for a treatment with me, you’ll get so much more than a procedure. You’ll get years of knowledge paired with revolutionary techniques and a genuine love for what I do. 

Tailored skincare 

While I can’t see clients in person right now, that doesn’t mean that your skincare has to take a backseat. Instead, I’m offering free online consultations that will allow me to understand your specific needs before prescribing medical-grade treatments for you to use in the comfort of your own home. 

And it doesn’t just stop there. You can expect a post-treatment consultation, regular emails and plenty of tips and tricks on my blog and Instagram. From winter shopping lists so that you can eat pretty to my top tips on preventing collagen damage, I’m here to educate you, one post at a time! 

To truly get the best out of skincare, you need to understand your skin and its specific needs. That starts with education. Sometimes, the smallest things can make a world of difference to your skin. So, let’s make 2021 the year we listen to our bodies and embark on an informed approach to great skin! 

Here’s to a year of healthy, happy and glowing skin!  

Inga Fotor

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