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Free Consultation

Bespoke at-home facial

1. We’ll start with a FREE CONSULTATION

As promised, you can book in with a free consultation with me. The purpose of the initial consultation is to determine what your skin is crying out for right now, so, I can put together the ideal treatment for you. The discussion will last 30-60 minutes, and I can work around your schedule. 

Unlike some skincare products, you won’t just be sent a random box of ‘skincare saviours’ and let to your own devices. Instead, each element of the box will come with full step by step instructions so you understand why I’ve prescribed each product and what you can expect from it. 

To start free consultation, please fill out patient questionnaire.

2. I’ll post out your hand-picked products

By choosing ONLY the products you need, you won’t be left with unused, ineffective skincare products. Instead, the perfect amounts required for your home facial, minus any waste. As mentioned, full instructions will be given so you can perform a clinic standard treatment yourself.

3. We’ll catch up for a follow-up consultation

The follow-up consultation will evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment, highlighting the need for any changes for future therapies. Sometimes, we can’t always nail things the first time around. So, a follow up allows the chance for me to find out what did and didn’t work for you as I recommend other products and approaches you can try out.

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