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Achieve flawless skin at any stage of your life

Nothing stops the ageing process but you can have flawless skin at any age – you have the right quantities of cells. Even if you have severe allergic reactions or are sensitive to touch – like our MD Inga was, before she calmed her skin condition with natural remedies, cutting-edge treatments, and the introduction of a range of beneficial habits. Think again. Look closer.

How do you really feel about your skin? Be honest. Do you respect it? Fight a constant battle with it? We should be able to love our skins. Go back to basics, lay the foundations, and build on them with a skin-health plan that gets to the core of your skin’s needs. The basics don’t revolve around ‘miracle’ products. Skincare products help, but they won’t be effective if you’re not using them correctly—and what works for someone else may not work for you. Think of your skin like you think of your body. Simply going to the gym and doing a few treadmill sessions isn’t enough. You need to work on your fitness from a holistic viewpoint, addressing your diet and sleep as well as exercising.

Skincare is the same. A shift in attitude and a willingness to change habits to benefit our skin is vital to its long-term wellbeing.

allergic reactions or are sensitive to touch—like our MD Inga was, before she calmed her skin condition with natural remedies, cutting-edge treatments, and the introduction of a range of beneficial habits. Healthier-looking and feeling skin is only possible if you preserve your skin by protecting its cells from the damaging effects of daily environmental aggressors like UV rays and car emissions, which contribute to hyper-pigmentation, inflammation, and fine lines.

Think of your skin like your fingerprint

Your skin is your body’s biggest organ: it lives, breathes, and has its own lifecycle. And it has a unique identity—a distinct type and condition. When you’re in sync with it, you can pinpoint your skin’s daily needs, and start addressing imbalances.



Remember that skincare starts from within

It’s up to us to protect and preserve our skin. Sometimes, we need a little help to get there. We take our bodies to the gym and our cars to mechanics for servicing—but to be really effective, we need to eat well, fill up with the right petrol, and take extra care when there are more miles on the clock. Our skin needs occasional professional care and analysis too. If you make the effort to invest time and energy in your skin it will do more than just function on a day-to-day basis. Nourish it properly and it will thrive.

Wear sunscreen

We all need some sun but respecting its power is essential, and that means wearing sunscreen all year round. Especially if you’re using products that contain topical Vitamin A/retinoids, which can make the skin more susceptible to sun damage. If you’re sensible about your sun exposure, you can harness its healing benefits while protecting yourself from skin cancer and premature skin ageing.  Apply your moisturiser first, follow with your primer, and use your SPF last.

Cleanse and moisturise

Keep it clean, every morning and at night. Our skin sweats and sheds at night, so we need to cleanse it when we wake. The morning cleanse and moisturise routine prepares your skin for the day ahead. The evening cleanse gets rid of your makeup and sunscreen and effectively opens the door for your moisturiser. How can the active ingredients do their work if they’re fighting through layers of other products?

Try not to…

Assume what works for a friend will work for you

Every skin has details that differ, which means that a treatment or product that works wonders for a friend or family member may not be effective in your case. All of us have different needs, conditions, and concerns. Guesswork doesn’t work. We fine-tune treatments and therapies so they nourish your skin and help solve problems.

Indulge in non-prescribed scrubbing and rubbing

You may end up doing more harm than good. Scrub too hard and you’ll rub away the layer that protects and end up with inflamed or flaky skin. Scrubbing can of course remove dead and loose skin cells and reveal the living cells on the epidermis, but that means using the right products in the right way for you. We help you learn how.

Overcomplicate things

Too much of a good thing can be counterproductive. Keep things simple. Compare your skin to your digestive system—overloading it with too many different ingredients throws it out of balance. Having too many active ingredients in moisturisers or using too many different products that contain competing chemicals means that one overpowers the others or that they neutralise each other. No single active ingredient is given the chance to do its intended job.

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