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About ID Aesthetics Skin Clinic

My name is Inga

I’m a skin health consultant who guides clients on their journey to better skin health and wellbeing. I’ll help you discover your skin’s unique needs, create a bespoke plan that targets existing conditions, and show you how to manage the way your skin ages.

I was born with topical dermatitis and eczema. I have severe allergic reactions to many ingredients, and was even sensitive to human touch at one point. Doctors prescribed hormonal therapies and medicines with no visible results. After years of being weighed down by frustration, fear, and sorrow, I decided to take the health of my skin back into my hands. My journey to better skin health and wellbeing started over 15 years ago. I took a holistic approach to educating myself about my skin. Ipaired formal qualifications such as a degree in Health and Social Care, and a host of CPD-accredited qualifications, with years of intensive skincare practice.This meant I could offer my clients the complete package:treatments and care backed up by comprehensive theoretical knowledge and hands-on expertise.

Skincare never stops changing. Neither do I.

Skincare is a story that keeps unfolding. Keeping up with the latest developments in skincare science isn’t just my business, it’s my great love.I’m no wonder woman—just a regular working mother with a busy lifestyle. Who had troublesome skin from childhood and decided to educate myself about my personal condition and then treat it and maintain the health of my skin. That in turn led to a lifelong fascination with skin anatomy and physiology, which sparked the ID Aesthetic philosophy: no two skins are the same. Each of us has a distinct skin DNA. I’m devoted to sharing my knowledge and expertise with others so that they too can learn to properly care for their own skin and take positive steps to treat conditions rather than living with them or even making them worse.

Your skin needs and conditions don’t define you

Perhaps your main concern is managing the signs of premature ageing. You could be conscious of irregular pigmentation or rosacea. Maybe you’re fighting a battle against breakouts and acne. Whether you have one need or many, I can help you get to the root of the problem and create a skin health plan that addresses each individual issue.Your skin identity is part of who you are, not the whole story.

Your skin tells a story about you: but the ending isn’t written yet

Only you can provide the finer details that make the difference, inform the right approach, and turn a good skin-health plan into one that works perfectly for you. You know my story. All I ask is that you tell me yours. After an initial consultation, we’ll work together to create a skin health plan that tackles any specific conditions. Fulfils the specific needs of your unique skin identity. Nourish the skin so you can protect and preserve it, and so begin to manage the aging process.

Why Choose Us

Based on different skin types and conditions we tailor make every treatment, which is personalised for the unique identity of your skin.

In safe hands

All treatments are performed by Inga. Her wealth of medical knowledge, skin-specific expertise, and over 15 years of practical experience give her the ability to design treatments and prescribe skincare for any need.
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Experience matters

Our deep understanding of the anatomy, chemistry, and functionality of the skin, coupled with years of extensive research and practice, have given us the skills and expertise necessary to help you discover your skin identity.

Fast and flexible patient finance

Every skin is different; the same is true of our finances. Our finance plans make paying for your treatments more manageable. Choose from a range of loan amounts and repayment periods. Easily apply online and get a decision in minutes.
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Times that work for you

Everyone has an agenda. We work around yours by offering appointments that fit with your busy schedule.
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