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4 important steps to improve your acne

June is Acne Awareness Month

One of the popular misconceptions about acne is that only teenagers can get it. In reality, acne is a very common skin condition that can occur at any stage of our lives due to the changes and imbalance of hormones in our bodies. 55% of adults (more likely women) have acne in their adult life. Even if you have not had acne in your teenage years, you still may get it in your adult years. 

There are tons of information online on what to (not) do when you have acne, which can be overwhelming and often – contradictory. I would like to share some professional advice on how you can help your inflammation and acne to calm down.

1. Keep your skin hydrated

You might have heard that drying out your breakouts will help you get rid of them quicker. The truth is, dehydration will only make your acne worse and any active ingredients that you use to fight it will not work. Whenever I start treating acne, I do not focus on getting rid of acne spots right away, instead, I work on boosting the hydration first. So, hydrate your skin internally – drink fluids, and externally – use a moisturizer daily.

2. Do not overuse actives

Yes, actives, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, salicylic, and mandelic acid work wonders for treating acne, but using too much and too often will contribute to the compromised skin barrier and more sensitivity, more breakouts and prolonged acne. 

A stronger concentration of actives may seem like a good idea to treat acne more effectively. However, I highly recommend using low concentrations and visiting a professional to have stronger actives applied to your skin, as doing it yourself can cause more harm.

3. Always wear SPF

No matter the weather, always protect your skin with SPF. Do not forget your ears, lips, and neck! Sun can lead to dehydration, pigmentation, and other skin problems.

4. Don’t underestimate the importance of your nutrition

I have put together a summer shopping list for seasonal food that can help your acne. I will be sharing a more in-depth list of foods for your acne in my future blog post!

Know that acne cannot be cured, however, with the help of a professional it can be significantly improved. A skin care professional will guide you through the treatments, products to include in your skincare routine to help your acne as well as provide overall advice on what you can do to help your skin heal. You can book your consultation with me, let’s start your journey towards healthy skin together!

With love,

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